October Charity: PANDA

PANDA For the month of October, we’ve donated to a cause that…


For the month of October, we’ve donated to a cause that we feel is addressing an issue that again, often receives less attention than is deserves.

PANDA addresses perinatal anxiety and depression within Australia.

They state;

PANDA’s provides vital support, information, referral and counselling to thousands of Australian parents and their families. Callers do not need to have a diagnosis of antenatal or postnatal depression to make contact with the Helpline, PANDA is keen to support any new parent struggling during pregnancy or after the birth of their baby, as well as their partner, family and friends“.

As many of you may understand, the transition to becoming new parents is one of the most significant changes in life, and most couples find it challenging.  Thus, we found PANDA to be serving a great purpose for many of those in need.



With thanks and much love,

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