May Charities: WEIF, Moodswing

For the month of May, our CHARITEA donations were directed to WEIF…

For the month of May, our CHARITEA donations were directed to WEIF and Moodswing.

WEIF (Women’s Empowerment International Foundation)Women’s Empowerment International Foundation (WEIF) is a registered Canadian charity (RR #89650 1806 RR0001) dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in the poorest districts of Central and South Asia

WEIF have a number of projects running at any given time.

The funds donated this month from CHARITEA will be directed towards the Manthan project in Bihar, the second poorest state of India.

Words from the WEIF;

“We have been approved by Alberta’s Community Initiative Program (CIP) for strengthening the core foundation of around 500 children in three villages in Bihar.  However, due to cut backs, we have only been funded 50% of the funds requested ($12,000 out of $25,000).  We intend to convert Manthan’s supplementary school (3 hours in the morning) to full time school within three years.  However, to achieve this, we have to build a new proper schools to conform by the government rules i.e. bathrooms, number of square footage per child etc. so that we can create sustainability for the schools and apply to the government to pay for teachers’ salaries, provide meals, books etc. We are planning on building three schools (four classrooms at a time due to lack of funding)- Djanoja Parsoni  and Gaya, all located in the State of Bihar. Parsoni has no school for children since 2011 when the floods devastated the village.   

Therefore, this year, we have committed to creating income for 120 women from three villages, borewells to these villages, improving the education of the children, setting up classes for Early Childhood (EC) and providing vocational training for at least 20 youth (costs sponsored by private individuals).   

Thank you for your company’s  and your staff’s generosity.  It is greatly appreciated”



The Second Charity chosen was “Moodswing App”. This app is extremely special for a number of reasons and has unexpectedly pinpointed a true need for what he is aiming to create via crowd funding. When Moodswing was launched, over 5000 sad, depressed and suicidal moods were posted by users.

Words from Moodswing co-founder, Jake McKeon;

Moodswing was released 8 months ago as an alternative social network for people to share their emotions. People use Moodswing to share their REAL emotions, those that they are uncomfortable sharing anywhere else.  These REAL emotions are often depressive and deeply low, to the point where we have become concerned about many of our users’ health and wellbeing.

Through experiences with Moodswing users and supporting them through their mental challenges, we have seen first hand the potential that Moodswing has to enhance, change and save the lives of those battling depression and other mental health issues.

Rather than the social network we created, we now want to make Moodswing a much needed online emotional support resource.

We plan to develop an initiative within Moodswing, that will match vulnerable users, anonymously, with trained and qualified active listeners who are immediately accessible.

This means that any user who posts a mood or content that is depressive or deeply low, will be prompted and asked if they would like to talk to someone.  

This can be a major mental health innovation, but we need to raise $50k to make it possible. We’re already 27% of the way there, but no pledges will be processed unless our target is reached”.

Hence our donation has been directed to this innovative and much needed App.

We encourage you to check it out at; 



Thanks again for allowing us wit your help, to make a different this month.

Much Love – Your Tea XXX


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