March Charitea: PCYC, Children’s Fort Africa

For the month of March, donations will be collected for PCYC for a…

For the month of March, donations will be collected for PCYC for a camp they plan to take some of their kids within the PCYC program on.


The camp was a huge hit with the kids, here is a wrap up from the team at PCYC who ran the Coral Bay camp:

“PCYC Learning Centre is a program that has been running in the Kimberley Region of North Western Australia since 2011.

Focusing heavily on the health & well-being of teenage boys aged 13-17 that have become disengaged from society.

The Youth involved in these program’s can also be associated with low attendance in mainstream schooling and be at risk of being involved in the juvenile justice sector.

When these Life & Skills based camps are implemented- PCYC LC are able to separate the youth from negative, risk taking environments which can be associated when living in town.

Coral Bay Camp gave the PCYC Learning Centre boys, an opportunity to be involved in activities and environments that is simply not feasible when living in town.

The boys were exposed to a glass bottom boat and snorkelling tour on day 3, followed by a “Swimming with Manta Ray’s Tour” on day 4.

These tours gave the boys an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, swim in deeper, colder waters- being surrounded by thousands of marine life in a protected environment.

They were taught the importance of National Marine Parks & how they contribute to the ecosystem.

Given these boys spear many Marine life for food back home- it was interesting but encouraging to see the boys embrace a different way of living”.


Our second Charity for the Month of March is again, the Children’s Fortress Africa. Our donations will assist in building a library this time – no doubt an extremely valuable resource for these kids. After all, knowledge is power and knowledge is provided via education.

Donation wrap up as communicated via Children’s Fortress Africa:

We have full confidence that we will be able to make the library project work with these funds. We may be able to get some of the books 2nd hand whilst still in good condition which will help the funds go further. We will budget on the librarian at this stage for 6mths and that will also help. Our Kenyan treasurer Elvis and me will also do some of the work like painting which will help. We are very excited and can’t wait to share with you the impact you and Your Tea have made


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