June Chariteas: Colegio de Sta. Lourdes, Bicycles for Humanity

CHARITEA kicked on again in the month of June and we were…

CHARITEA kicked on again in the month of June and we were able to support some true grass roots charities. We love finding charities that truly invest man power, personal time and sacrifice – all for a good cause.


This grass roots foundation received a portion of our funds raised from Charitea this month.

Again, the money is going to a great cause – please see words from the charity below…

“On 8 November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines as the unprecedented winds and storm surge took over 7000 lives, destroyed 1.1 million homes and left 4.1 million people displaced. In the aftermath of the disaster, 86 nursing students from Colegio de Sta Lourdes Foundation (CSLLFI) became an influential part of the volunteer relief effort.  The students distributed food, water & emergency shelter; provided medical assistance and hygiene information; constructed water & sanitation facilities and coordinated blood drives to support their local communities.

The students have now returned to college to complete their studies. Yet, CSLLFI was also severely damaged by Typhoon Haiyan with structural damage to eight classrooms, two dormitories and 90% of the school’s equipment. The college is now undergoing a significant restoration project in an effort to provide for the current students and once again operate an institution conducive to learning.

The support of Your Tea “Charitea” means the world to the CSLLFI family and we greatly appreciate the generous support. The donation will contribute to the reconstruction of classrooms and dormitories, ensuring a safe and well-structured working environment for current and future students.

CSLLFI is a regional college that has provided a high-quality tertiary education to financially disadvantaged families since 2003. The college takes advantage of its unique location as students learn new skills in harvesting the vast agricultural lands to fund academic scholarships.”


 Bicycles for Humanity Australasia

This wonderful charity takes a very unique approach in helping out the world. They received the other part of our Charitea funds.

A little about their charity;

“Bicycles For Humanity is a grass roots, volunteer run organisation focused on simple, sustainable empowerment in the developing world. We do this in the most transparent and practical way by sending unused donated bikes from the developed world to our partner organisations in various countries in need.

A bike  allows someone to travel twice as far, twice as fast and carry four times the load. In the countries in which we work a bike can mean access to education, health care, fresh water, economic opportunity and community. Breaking the cycle of poverty by providing sustainable transport for one person impacts not only their life but also the lives of their families, communities and future generations.”

We encourage you to look into this charity, along with all others. Many of us have an old bike sitting at home that we either promise we will ride, or in all honesty – simply never do (ooops!). So jump on their website and take a look, perhaps this is an easy charity to become involved with?!




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