January Chariteas: Children’s Fortress Africa, Lighthouse Foundation

The first of two charities we will be donating to this January…

The first of two charities we will be donating to this January is the Children’s Fortress Africa! Our donation will be used to pay yearly tuition for high school kids in Kenya. The Government of Kenya provides primary education to students, yet high school education is not free. The average annual tuition fee for high school is $300. With 43% of the population living on just $1.25 AU a day, it means many kids miss out on an education that could break the poverty cycle in their lives. We hope our donation towards education will help empower high school kids in Kenya to change their own world.

We wouldn’t be able to make these donations without the help of all of our loyal and loving customers – so from the bottom of our hearts thank you for making this possible.

At the conclusion of the month we will send an email out to all of our e-letter subscribers with the exact amount donated and what was done with the funds. Children’s Fortress Africa is a non profit organisation and we are very happy to be assisting them with one of many amazing projects they are working on.

Wrap up of donation allocation from The Children’s Fortress Africa:

Your donation has paid for school fees for a year for eleven needy promising children giving them the life changing chance to attend high school for the year, provided a uniform set for eight children (each set contains two uniforms), cleared the arrears school fee debt of 4,600 Kshs for student Dorothy Obiero so she can recommence school, purchased set of text books for six students & purchased orphan former street boy Gideon Makanga with school shoes, and socks.

On behalf of the children you helped and all the team at Children’s Fortress Africa we thank you so much!”

Our second chosen charity for the month of January is the Lighthouse Foundation.

Lighthouse Foundation provides homeless young people who come from backgrounds of long term neglect and abuse with a home, a sense of family and around the clock therapeutic care. Through their Lighthouse experience, the young people heal, learn again to relate to others and rebuild their lives.

We will see the money donated for the Lighthouse Foundation spent directly in areas in need.

Stay tuned for the wrap up outlining where our donation was used, including descriptions and photos of what our donations were provided for.

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