February Charity: Children’s Fortress of Africa

A charity that we closely support, is the Children’s Fortress of Africa….

A charity that we closely support, is the Children’s Fortress of Africa. We have supported them a number of times before and will continue to do so sporadically throughout the year. The work they undertake in Africa is truly grassroots and hard work at that. We know first hand where the donations are being spent and are constantly supplied with a wrap up report, which includes gorgeous letters from kids (see below!). The kids that are benefiting from YOUR donations, are absolutely grateful and well aware of how it benefits them. We are providing them with such basic, essential access to education and to us, that is fairly simple. To them, it is their world. So thank you, truly.

Here is a wrap up of the donation:
On the 15th December 2014 Your Tea generously donated to Children’s Fortress Africa. Thank
you very much to Your Tea for their very generous donation. Your generous donation has made a
big impact. We have allocated your donation to our child sponsorship pool and it has contributed
to pay for school fees for the lucky 11 high school scholarship program children to continue to
attend high school.
Your generous donation has made a big impact in children at risk lives. High school education brings
great opportunities & hope to the children. But, it also has other not as obvious benefits for girls
staying in school lowers the chance of teenage pregnancy which in slum areas occurs at a very high
rate, and for boys helps to stop them engaging in risky behaviour.
Your donation has paid for school fees for a year for eleven needy promising children giving them
the life changing chance to attend high school for the year.
11 X High school fees sponsorship – The Government of Kenya provides primary education to
students, but high school education is not free. The average annual tuition fee for high school is
$300. With 43% of the population living on just $1.25 AU a day, it means many kids miss out on an
education that could break the poverty cycle in their lives. A donation towards education will
empower a child to change their own world.

What a wonderful Charity.



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