February Charitea: The Goodlife Farm, Free The Bears

Together with your help – we were able to raise a little…

Together with your help – we were able to raise a little under $6000 for the month of February’s sales. We raised the figure to $6000 and shared the donation between the two charities below.

The Goodlife Farm

Our donations for the GoodlifeFarm could not have come at a more appropriate time.

Members of the Your Tea team went out to visit Lesly (owner of the farm) and had at a look at her work first hand. 

An old fence which fenced in 5 of their livestock had fallen – and a new fence had to be replaced without any warning to prepare finances.

Further more, the animal feed bills had been building up which was causing stress on many levels.

With our donations, The GoodlifeFarm was able to pay for the new fence and clear up the feed bill.

This charity receives very little help from the Australian Government and therefore relies heavily on donations.

Lesly, has made it very clear to us that this donation has helped her in more ways we could imagine.

Free the Bears:

We have been able to sponsor 10 bears for 12 months. We will add a further update when we receive information back from this donation.


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