December Charity: Children’s Fortress Africa

The Children’s Fortress Africa As you have have read in the past,…

The Children’s Fortress Africa

As you have have read in the past, we are strong supporters of this wonderful foundation.

Year after year, the team work tirelessly to help those in need in Kenya.

Here is what they have to say:

Children Fortress Africa mission is to support street children in Kenya to live the life intended for them.  We serve children at risk & vulnerable street children who are largely overlooked by society through education, sport outreach and healthcare initiatives. Our motto is “empowering children at risk & street children to reach their potential”. We work with local community leaders to identify children at risk and assist the guardian/parent to care for their child by providing assistance to enable the child to stay at home“.

We’ve donated once again to the Children’s Fortress to fund high school students during 2016. Such a simple luxury for first world countries, yet a rarity for children in Kenya. We’ve got school kids in the Western world that can’t be dragged out of bed to attend school. Yet in Kenya, there are so many kids begging for the chance at any form of school. The difference is enormous.

Here at Your Tea, we believe knowledge is power and what better way to achieve that than via education.

The Children’s Fortress of Africas’ wrap up report for 2015:


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With Love,

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