August Charity: The White Cloud Foundation

For the month of August, we donated to a charity that we felt addressed an issue that isn’t attended to as frequently as many would like.

The White Cloud Foundation

The White Cloud Foundation aims to increase resources and awareness for those living with depression in Australia. This aid also extends to their families and carers.

They state;

Each year over 1 million Australians are diagnosed with depression with many more that go undiagnosed, untreated and unsupported“.

We feel that is a cause worth getting behind. So we did.

The White Cloud Foundation outline some very real facts below:

“Depression is common and affects not only individuals but also puts significant strain on families.

Each year, around one million Australian adults are diagnosed with depression and, overall, one in eight males and one in five females will suffer this condition in their lifetime.

Depression affects all ages, cultures and socio-economic classes, with significant impacts on teenagers, post-natal mothers, males & females, returning servicemen and the elderly.

Yet there is a taboo nature surrounding depression, which results in many people not being properly assessed and treated due to the perceived stigma.

Assessment and management often require the individual to attend a mental health facility. These facilities are already challenged and funding for mental health care is unlikely to adequately meet future demands.

The White Cloud Foundation is proud to recognise other groups performing great work in helping Australians who are suffering from depression”.



With thanks and love,

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