August Charities: Somaly Mam, Bear Cottage

The first recipient of our Charitea for the month of August was…

The first recipient of our Charitea for the month of August was Somaly Mam Foundation.

Whilst the Charity has been shrouded in some recent controversy, none the less SAM continues on to help eradicate sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and girls in South EAST Asia.

They also aim to empower survivors of the above torture, via aiming to serve victims by providing counseling, medical care, and skills training to foster personal and economic empowerment.

SAM empowers survivors to use their voices and share their stories in order to raise awareness and advance social change. Further more, they advocate for systemic change by educating communities, engaging government officials, and mobilizing students toward prevention efforts.

In the Western world, many of us are far removed from this awful reality. We hope you take the time to read into this charity further, share their stories and create greater awareness.



The second charity chosen for the month of August was a very special charity called Bear Cottage. This charity certainly hit home for us here at Your Tea.

Bear Cottage provides support, respite and end-of-life care for children with life-limiting conditions and their families, in a warm homelike environment.

It is indeed a very special place, providing support for both the patient (child) and their carers. Ultimately, the care is there for the sick kids, however they also provide temporary respite care to give families a much needed break.

We find it unimaginable for parents to go through life limiting, let alone life ending conditions – with their children.

We urge you to also support this very special charity in any way you can.


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