Six monthly update on Peanut, the orangutan.

An Update on Peanut

Peanut, the baby orangutan we sponsored in Borneo, has grown into a healthy, inquisitive, young male orangutan. Now 3 years old and weighing 14.75kg.

The rehabilitation centre tell us he loves climbing 10 metre high trees, swinging back and forth between them; and he LOVES his food. He has been seen foraging wild forest fruits, as he would be doing if he was in the wild with his mother. He is about the age he’d be sent out on exploratory trips to establish for himself, which fruits are safe, and which to avoid.

He is naturally very wary and observant of new and unfamiliar things he encounters when exercising in the forest area, a positive sign that he’ll learn the dangers of the forest and be successfully rehabilitated for release.
We love this, keep up the good work Peanut.

We’ll keep you posted.

Isn’t he just adorable,

Much Love,

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