When ‘running’ turns into ‘running away’

Many people enjoy running, simply because it can be an enjoyable activity….

Many people enjoy running, simply because it can be an enjoyable activity. You can get some time alone, listen to music and block out the world… AND work on your physique as you do so.


However, in this day and age we have stresses, anxieties, extreme emotions, pressures… the list goes on.

Our “Qi” (Chinese Medicine word which can be loosely explained as your energy, soul, reason for being, everything minus blood and bone in your body) – cops an absolute beating from these modern day negativities.

When we face these negativities our Qi can run overtime and cause us to feel hyperactive or it can become severely depleted and leave us feeling very lethargic.

Our Qi is designed to flow in a smooth motion around the body – when it is restricted or hindered by negativities listed above – your body tried to find a way to set your Qi back on the nice, flowing motion.


Aside from letting out related emotions to get the Qi moving again such as crying, screaming, yelling – or oddly enough – resolving the issue at hand (unfortunately this is generally the last to be attempted!) – some of us run.

Running is fantastic for moving stagnant energy.

If you go for a run on a day you’re feeling highly strung, frustrated, annoyed, angry – then the run generally dispels these feelings.

Yes – key word – dispels… not resolves.


If you feel like you HAVE to go for that run every morning, then why? How would you feel if you didn’t? Do you feel more anxious, sad, upset or emotional if you don’t?

Often we will find ourselves needing to go for a run in times of sadness and loss (to open the lungs which hold grief), in times of stress (to slow down Qi) and in times of frustration (to create an outlet for this stagnant emotion).

Obviously, there will be people who run for fitness, health and fun.


However, missing a run shouldn’t make you feel a wave of unwanted emotions.


For some, running can be quite metaphoric. Running can sometimes indicate that you’re literally running away from something, someone, some place…


Our minds and bodies are extremely intelligent, we should give them much more credit than we often do.





Steph Wakefield

Addicted to my 17.3h Warmblood Toshi and crazy pug Sooty, Giant model, tea addict.
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