Tone Your Butt with Pilates

There’s no better time to get the butt you’ve always wanted. It…

There’s no better time to get the butt you’ve always wanted. It won’t be easy. It will require hard work and perseverance, but the firm, toned booty you’ve always dreamed about is possible. Tone your butt with Pilates’ moves you can do in the comfort of your own home. And make sure to squeeze this workout in after your big holiday meals!


Hip Roll

Lie on your back with your arms straight by your sides. Set your feet hip-distance apart with your knees bent. Exhale to raise your spine and hips off of the floor until in a hip roll, or low bridge position, only the tips of your shoulder blades should still be on the ground. Inhale to hold. Exhale slowly and roll down to the floor. Repeat 8 times to tone your butt. Watch this video for the full move.

Hip Dips

Once you finish the eighth roll of the previous exercise, remain lifted with pelvis up. Drop hips 3-4 inches toward the floor on an inhale. Exhale back up to top of movement. Continue these little hip dips, adding fire to the booty, aiming for 4 rounds of 8.

Single Leg Hip Roll

While lifted in hip roll, press deeper into one foot, remain stable through hips and ribs while the other foot lifts off floor in a straight line, switch and repeat. If you’re feeling really desperate to tone your butt, remain on one leg, while the other is lifted, add little hip dips for one butt-cheek, making sure to repeat the other side for evenness.

The “Dirty And Raw”

Separate feet wider than shoulder-distance apart and turn out feet and knees. Roll up into a very wide hip roll position. Once you’re at the highest point, pivot knees inward, dropping hips 5-6 inches until your knees touch—knock your knees together. Exhale to lift back to wide hip roll shape. Repeat 5 sets of 8. Finally with the last knee-knock, remain in that shape and add little pulses up and down. Separate knees and slowly, roll back to floor. Feel how you tone your butt.

Heel Beats

Lie on your stomach with your forehead on your hands. Your legs should be glued together in a line straight behind you. Lift your abdominal muscles away from the mat and feel your spine lengthen. Turn your heels our slightly and then bring them back together. Quickly beat your heels together for 10 beats. Rest and repeat. For en example of this move, enjoy this video.

Leg Kick Back with Exercise Band

Start on all fours on the floor with the middle of the exercise band around the instep of your good. Hold the ends of the band under your hands. Lift your abdominal muscles and keep them tight. Extend the leg with the exercise band straight out so that your thigh is parallel to the floor and your heel is lifted toward the ceiling. Bend your heel toward the ceiling while keeping the knee and thigh lifted [video]. Repeat 5 sets of 8 on each leg.

You can tone your butt this holiday season with these six Pilates’ exercises that are guaranteed to leave you sweating, burning, and happy.


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