Tips to Get More Sleep

It’s time that you get more sleep each night. Try our 6 tips to sleep more.

We’ve talked about sleep a few times on our blog. We’ve told you how to survive on little sleep and how to sleep better at night, but what about getting the amount of sleep you need. Yes, quality is important, but one hour of quality sleep can’t make up for not getting five more hours of sleep. So, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get more sleep.

  • Keep Cool: Did you know that your body needs a lower temperature to fall asleep? Instead of making your room warm, cool the temp and add extra blankets to help you fall asleep more quickly. Also, don’t take a warm bath or shower sooner than two hours before bed.
  • Schedule a Worry Time: Do racing thoughts and worries keep you awake at night? We’ve all been there. Try scheduling a time, a few hours before bed, where you can run through all your worries. Give yourself 15 minutes to imagine every nightmare and then put it aside, so that you can get more sleep.
  • Block Noise: If you don’t use a noisemaker or fan, maybe it’s time you make the leap and purchase one. White noise is restful and can keep you from jumping up at every little thump your house and loved ones make.
  • Use a Notebook: Keep a pen and notebook by your bed. Then, when you’re lying in bed trying to sleep and your brain gives you a new idea, quickly grab the notebook and pen and jot it down. Writing it down will help get the thought out of your head, so you can finally rest.
  • Exercise Intensely: At the end of the day, exercise intensely. For some this will mean a brisk 20-minute walk, for others it may mean a five-mile run. The key to getting more sleep is to exercise to the point of feeling physical exhaustion.
  • Get Tech-Free: Technology is killing our sleep. The blue wavelengths from your smart phone, computer, and tablet throw your circadian rhythm into a tailspin. Make your bed a tech-free zone.

Yours in good sleep,
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