Tips to Eating a 1200 Calorie Diet

If you’re ready to try a 1200 calorie diet, use our tips to help get you started.

Eating a 1200 calorie diet isn’t easy. In fact, if you’ve never tried to count calories before it can feel impossible. It’s amazing how quickly you can consume calories when you’re not paying attention. If you want to stick with eating just 1200 calories a day, then, try out our tips for making it happen.


  • Plan Your Day: The best way to make a 1200 calorie diet work is to plan it out. Plan what you’re going to have for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for your snacks, so there are no surprises.
  • Breakfast: Aim for eating 250 to 300 calories for breakfast. Focus on eating something with fiber and protein so you’ll feel full longer. Just remember, skipping breakfast to save calories is a bad idea.
  • Lunch: For lunch, you can eat a little bit more. Focus on eating a lunch that’s between 300 – 350 calories, and make sure those calories are healthy. Steam some vegetables for low-calorie high-fiber food and make sure you get some lean protein in the form of beans, hummus, chicken, salmon, etc.
  • Dinner: Try to keep your dinner between 400 to 500 calories. If you have time to make a bigger lunch, switch your heavier calorie meal for lunch, instead. Our Fat-Burning Maple Salmon recipe is an excellent dinner choice.
  • Snacks: Aim for two snacks a day at about 50 to 100 calories each. Choose healthy snacks like a Greek yogurt with nuts or healthy granola. Try a slice of our Gluten-Free Banana Bread for your snack.
  • Hydrate: A key to eating less; stay hydrated. Though water won’t satisfy your hunger, it will forestall it. Sometimes people eat when they’re thirsty not hungry. Drink first and then have your snack if you’re still hungry.
  • Use an App: There are many calorie counting apps you can use on your phone. One of the best is the MyFitnessPal app, which makes it easy to enter your food and keep track of every calorie you consume.
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