The perception ‘Merry Go ‘Round’

How we perceive each other and how others perceive us is a…

How we perceive each other and how others perceive us is a complex scenario.

In an age of social media being able to instantly exemplify how a person or people are living their life at that very moment, we can all tend to reflect upon our own instant lives and compare them.

When you meet a person, their outward nature represents who they are. The words they speak often illustrate what they ‘stand for’.

When we idolise or admire someone, we can be left thinking “Wow, they’ve got it all sorted” and judge our own persona against this – how we compare to them physically, emotionally, aesthetically – how can we bring ourselves closer to their achievements? How can we look, project, embody all that we admire about them?

However, let’s turn the table for a second here.

What if that person that you so admire has the exact same internal thoughts as you.

They may look at you, or someone else and think – “I wish I had the same…” or “I wish I looked like…”.

The things we admire about people often take blood sweat and tears to achieve.

Happiness takes time to achieve, physical peak takes time to achieve, internal security takes time to achieve, kindness takes time to learn, being non-judgemental takes time to grasp and holding it all together takes a lifetime of learning and remembering to maintain!


We should never judge ourselves against other people, because the irony is they are often doing the same thing.


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