The Best PMS Remedies

Being a woman isn’t always fun and games, but these PMS remedies can help make your time of the month, a little more bearable.

Let’s be honest, that time of the month is never fun. The cramps, bloating, headaches, and general irritability associated with our periods can make us feel like we’re living a nightmare. The good news is, you’re not alone; about 85% of women have at least one PMS symptom each month.

But standing together in solidarity isn’t a valid entry into the PMS remedies handbook. So, how can you help kick PMS to the curb and experience a happier period?


Improve Your Diet

Sodium, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar can all make your PMS symptoms far worse. Instead, for PMS remedies try increasing your intake of calcium and vitamin D, with foods like yogurt, orange juice, cheese, and soy milk.

Drink Fertility Tea

Warm drinks are great PMS remedies, and when you add in the powerful ingredients from Fertility Tea, you’ll really feel the benefits. Fertility Tea helps regulate your hormones and your digestive system, perfect for PMS help.

Stay Active

Even though you might not feel like working out while suffering from PMS symptoms, keeping active for at least 30 minutes a day can drastically help. Dancing, jogging, swimming, and even brisk walking are all appropriate PMS remedies.

Take a Break and Relax

Stress makes everything worse, including your PMS. Consider using yoga, deep breathing, or meditation to help you mellow out and relieve tension. And if you need a little extra relaxation, try getting a massage—it’s great for those sore muscles.

Try Acupuncture

One study on acupuncture found that it quelled PMS symptoms in 78% of women, now that’s what we call a PMS remedy. Acupuncture increases your circulation, elevates your endorphins, enhances your mood, and alleviates pain. What’s not to love?

Get Plenty of Rest

Sleep always plays a big role in our daily outlook, and it’s no different when it comes to PMS remedies. Without proper sleep, you’ll feel even more tired than usual, and all of your symptoms will be exaggerated. A good night’s sleep allows your body to reset and prepare for another day.

There’s no doubt that being a woman is tough sometimes, but when you learn to take care of yourself, you’ll find that it gets a lot easier. If you have your own PMS remedies, share them with us on Instagram, and we can add them to our next PMS blog.

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