Tea Consumption Linked To Longer Life

Coffee and tea linked to lower rates of mortality and anti-ageing biomarkers.

Tea is excellent. Its lineage long and its benefits well documented. We’re lovers of all things ‘tea’ around here, not surprisingly…and we’re always wanting to extend that love to you.

Recently, researchers in Kunming, China, discovered some pretty awesome benefits of drinking tea. Stemming from Chlorogenic acid (CGA), a natural compound (polyphenol), found in potatoes, eggplant, and most importantly, tea.

Studies were conducted on Caenorhabditis Elegans, which is a roundworm known to have a similar ageing process to that of humans, lifespan was increased by 20.1%. The worms were injected with CGA, so that’s a win for us. On top of this, other ageing markers also saw improvements, to the decline of body movement and stress resistance.

It was concluded that CGA plays a role in the development of bacteria fighting process’ from the immune system.

This is great news for tea drinkers, coming off the back of a 2013 study in which caffeine (more specifically, coffee) was linked to higher rates of mortality from various diseases. Interestingly the effects were seen only in people aged under 55, who drank more than 28 cups per week – that’s 4 per day. Arguably, you shouldn’t drink more than four cups of anything a day, other than water.

So, for men who do drink more than 4 cups of coffee per day, there is a 21% increased risk of mortality, if you’re under 55 and male, that shoots up to 56% increased risk of mortality. Women have it slightly better the overall study population had no increased risk for women who consume more than 4 cups per day, however, for women under 55, drinking this much coffee resulted in an 113% increase in all-cause mortality.

So put down the coffee.

Interestingly, researchers found no statistical correlation between coffee consumption and cardiovascular mortality – unexpected, given coffee’s known impact on the heartbeat.

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