Shop ‘Till You Drop and Eat Healthy

If you’re trying to eat healthy, it starts with your shopping. Following our grocery store tips and buy only the right food for you.

Okay, ladies! It’s time to head to the grocery store. It may be a chore, but it’s still a chance to spend some time looking at beautiful products. The main issue with food shopping is that it can be incredibly difficult to shop while keeping our health in mind. In fact, when you’re at the store, chips, cookies, and candy all look far more appetizing than organic quinoa. But if you’re trying to eat healthy, our shopping tips should help you out.


  • Don’t Shop Hungry! This should be a given, but if you haven’t eaten lunch or dinner yet, don’t head to the store until you’re full. Shopping on an empty stomach is the perfect recipe for an ice cream brownie disaster.
  • Plan Ahead. Don’t just wander around the store looking for things that look appetizing or seem to fit your new healthy eating lifestyle. Instead, plan your meals in advance and then go for exactly what you need.
  • Read Labels. A lot of foods that look healthy or seem appropriate are actually bad food in disguise. The only way to ensure that what you buy is good for you is to read the label carefully.
  • Say No to Drinks. You already know this, but unless you’re buying tea or water, avoid the drinks aisle. Don’t waste your calories and sugar on sweet drinks that are the exact opposite of what you need to eat healthy.
  • Choose Fresh. When it comes to your food choices, your first choice should always be fresh, the second choice frozen, and only as a last resort should you buy canned goods.
  • Avoid Rush Hour. Don’t go grocery shopping during the busiest time of the day. Longer lines and more people mean more time standing in front of foods that are bad for you.
  • Use a Small Cart. Don’t grab the biggest cart available and pack it to the brim. If you’re planning to eat healthy, then you’re planning to buy perishable foods. Just buy what you need for the week and then head back out when you need more.
  • Go Local. Choose foods that are produced locally. Not only does this help your community, but it mean fresher ingredients.

It’s not always easy to shop or eat healthy, but it’s possible. Next time, before you hit the grocery store, keep our tips in mind and see if it helps you out.


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