Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings Guilt-Free

Next time your sweet tooth gives you trouble, try our nine snacks for beating your sugar cravings guilt-free

Do you have a sweet tooth? We get it. We really do. Sometimes all we’re craving is a giant slice of chocolate cake or an entire carton of cookies. Sugar cravings can be a nightmare unless you know what to do. We’ve got nine guilt-free ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.


  1. Granola: A granola bar can be a healthier choice than a candy bar. Just make sure you take a look at the sugar content and choose a bar that uses nuts & spices for sweetener.
  2. Trail Mix: If you’re craving dessert, try sprinkling a handful of seed and fruit trail mix on your Greek yogurt—it’s low in sugar and high in protein and fiber.
  3. Crackers & Nut Butter: When you want a sweet and salty snack, grab your favorite sea salt crackers and spread on a little chocolate nut butter (made with almonds and cacao) for a healthy alternative packed with antioxidants and minerals.
  4. Raw Honey: For natural sweetness in your tea, on your yogurt, or on toast, use all natural organic honey—it’s loaded with health benefits.
  5. Dark Chocolate: Chocolate that is at least 70% Cacao is a great option when you’re struggling with sugar cravings. It’s delicious and packed full of antioxidants.
  6. Strawberry Sencha Tea: Our tea contains a blend of strawberries, orange, and luscious cream mixed with green tea. You’ll love its sweet and fruity flavor.
  7. Banana Ice Cream: Keep some frozen bananas in your freezer and then toss them in the blender with almond butter and cacao nibs for a tasty and easy dessert.
  8. Frozen Grapes: Put a bag of grapes in the freezer for a convenient treat. Grapes are full of antioxidants and a much healthier after dinner dessert than cake.
  9. Popcorn: Pop a small bag of natural popcorn and then add a tablespoon of melted peanut butter and a dusting of cocoa powder for a crunchy and sweet dessert.


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