Old emotions: shake them off!

Shaking off old or stagnant emotion A wise old Chinese Doctor once…

Shaking off old or stagnant emotion

A wise old Chinese Doctor once said this of emotions:

“You have 1 of 3 options”;

  1. Confront the problem and create a resolution – stick with decision
  2. Create a compromise with the issues and live with decision
  3. Decide to ignore the issue and be at peace with this, push it out of sight out of mind

Letting problems/issues linger in your life means that the associated emotion also linger in your life.

Having closure on an issue is as important for your mind as it is for your body.

The mind directly relates to the body.

We get nervous – we experience butterflies in the stomach

We get angry – we get hot and flustered in the head

We feel scared – we feel weak and cold throughout your body

We feel upset – we feel pressure in our lungs and throat

There is no denying the physical correlation to experienced emotions.

Whether you can relate to this concept or not, holding onto emotions from past or present events causes negative ramifications within your body.

Emotions can create problems with your digestion, skin breakouts, insomnia and lack of energy.

Sometimes certain issues are harder to resolve than others – but for those you can control, do the right thing by your body and shake it off!

Yours in health,
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