Natural Sunburn Remedies

In spite of all the evidence that tells us how bad the…

In spite of all the evidence that tells us how bad the sun is for our skin and health, many of us are still sun worshipers. And even if you do avoid the sun, it’s not always possible. And sometimes, the inevitable sunburn appears. Thankfully, there are some incredible natural sunburn remedies to help you heal.


  • Oatmeal: Not only is oatmeal delicious, but when you cook your oatmeal with just a little more water, allow it to cool, and place it on your skin in a paste, it’s the perfect sunburn remedy.
  • Black Tea: We always love tea, and we love finding more uses for your tea bags. Soak several black tea bags in cool water to release the tannin. When the water darkens, lay the wet teabags on your skin for 10-20 minutes. Viola! Black tea removes the pain and leaves a toasty warm glow behind.
  • Aloe Vera: You don’t need to buy the chemical-laced product on the store shelves. Just rip off a chunky stalk of your plant and spread the gel on your skin.

When you get a sunburn, you don’t have to deal with the consequences inevitably. Instead, try one of our natural sunburn remedies above and find relief.

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