Muffins & Black Tea

Do you need a delicious and healthy muffin pairing for your morning black tea? We’ve got 5 ideas!

Black tea has a bold and full flavor. It’s not a tea that fades into the background. It’s savory and the perfect tea to help you wake up in the morning. But if you’re using black tea as your breakfast like our English Breakfast tea, then you need a little something extra to keep you going. And we always love delicious muffins to go along with our black tea. But what works well?


These Pineapple & Carrot Muffins are simple and hearty. If you’re looking for a muffin recipe that’s slightly off the beaten track, these muffins are it. With a mix of honey, cinnamon, almond, carrot, and pineapple, these muffins are a party in your mouth.


Image curtsey Chasing Delicious.

Can you have enough black tea? The answer is, of course, no. These Black Tea Honey Muffins work great with a cup of English Breakfast tea because they have ½ cup of black tea inside the recipe. These muffins are the perfect mix of sweet, bold, and savory.


Our Feta and Pumpkin Muffins offer a taste of the holidays and are a delicious compliment to a piping hot cup of black tea. These savory muffins will help fill you up all morning long.


Image curtsey Missy Wright.

As a contrast to the savory flavor of your black tea, these Lemon Tea Muffins are light, fluffy, and just a hint lemony. You’ll love how moist they are and how easy the recipe is to put together.



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