Missing period after the pill?

Have you been taking the contraceptive pill, decided to you’d like to…

Have you been taking the contraceptive pill, decided to you’d like to take a break – and expected it to return as per normal? Yet it hasn’t? This is a common theme we hear from women and there are a multitude of reasons as to why your menstrual cycle hasn’t returned like clock work as you may have expected. One of of TCM Doctors, Dr. Daria Sheptiskaya (@tranquiliqi) explains in depth via the video below, reasons why your periods may not return to normal after going off the pill. TCM Dr. Daria mentions that “there is a relevant link between the age you went on the pill and how or why your periods are not returning post pill“.

As a tip; for anyone looking for herbs to support their body when going off the pill, we recommend our Fertility Tea herbs.

Yours in the contraceptive pill low down,

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Because we celebrate women and all that their bodies challenge them with. Fertility Tea, developed by Dr Nat Kringoudis TCM, is here to support women through the hormonal challenges of fertility issues, PMS, PCOS, and Endometriosis.


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Your Tea

Your Tea brings you a range of natural tea blends that are rich in flavour and love. Each tea explains when you should consume them and why. To purchase or read more visit yourtea.com
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