Meet Our Café Collection Teas

Are you dreaming of apple pie in a cup or mint chocolate goodness? Enjoy those flavors and more with our Café Collection teas!

We constantly talk about our Body Teas and Mood Teas, and why shouldn’t we? They embody everything that Your Tea stands for…healthy living and a happy life. But did you know that we have a third tea category? Our Café Collection teas are just as incredible as all of our other blends, but they’re also just a little different. Our Café Collection is a unique mix of five teas that soothe and inspire your body, mind, and soul.

Body Benefits

Our Café Collection teas use our knowledge of both western and eastern medicine to heal your body. Going back through thousands of years of evolution, our Café teas take the simple tea leaf and transform it into so much more.

Mind Benefits

Just as tea helps your body, it also helps your mind. Different teas and ingredients soothe your mind and emotions in different ways. Each Café Collection tea has been created to ease your mind and body.

Soul Benefits

When it comes to tea, a true tea lover knows that freshly brewed tea can warm your entire being like nothing else. When you reach for a cup of our Café tea, we hope it gives you an irrevocably harmonious feeling. We know that the joy you can receive is intangible and somewhat inexplicable, but we know it’s there nonetheless.

Types of Café Collection Teas


The favorite part of our Café Collection teas…the flavors! That’s right, more than just a simple green tea, each Café Collection tea is bursting with unforgettable flavors that are sure to delight.

  • English Breakfast: When you need a robust morning wake up, grab a cup of English Breakfast tea. You can enjoy it straight from the bag or with a little bit of milk. Plus, every cup aids your digestion, boosts antioxidants, improves immunity, and helps relieve your stress.
  • Premium Peppermint: A burst of Christmas in a cup and a refreshing minty flavor is what makes Premium Peppermint tea so memorable. If that’s not enough of a reason to enjoy a cup, drink it to cool your body, reduce nausea, refresh your mind, relieve your sinuses, and ease your headaches.
  • Mint Chocolate Rooibos: If you’re looking for something that’s decadent, fresh, and full of chocolaty goodness, enjoy a cup of Mint Chocolate Rooibos. This tea packs a punch with an exotic and dreamy flavor. And for added benefit, enjoy improved digestion, restful sleep, boosted antioxidants, and fewer sugar cravings.
  • Jasmine Green: A cup of this tea and your friends will turn green with envy. Our Jasmine Green tea is exotically soft, and perfection in a cup. Plus, you’ll relieve your stress, boost your immunity, aid your digestion, improve your circulation, and fight bacteria.
  • AppleNut Crumble: Apple pie in a cup? Yes, please! Enjoy a blend of nuts, cinnamon, and tasty apple all in a single drink. And, enjoy a reduction in your sugar cravings, better digestion, and simple relaxation.
No matter what type of tea you’re craving, we guarantee that one of our Café Collection blends will be the perfect fit. Get them all, and then no matter what day of the week, there’s a special treat waiting in your pantry.


A robust favourite, I'm reliable as I am soothing the soul. To be enjoyed with a drop of milk or straight from the bag. High grade organic black tea handpicked from Sri Lanka. 25 pyramid teabags per box. Each Tea bag weighs 2.0g


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