Lotion VS Oil Natural Moisturizer

Are you trying to decide which natural moisturizer you should be using for healthy skin? Learn about body lotion VS body oils and make the right choice.

Beautiful, smooth, and moisturized skin should never be taken for granted. We get it! That’s why we offer TeaFace as well as Skin Magic Tea because your skin can never have too much help. But when it comes to using natural moisturizer, should you be using body lotion or oil to keep your skin healthy and reduce signs of aging?

Body Lotion


Designed to penetrate the skin leaving it softer, more hydrated, and younger looking.

Can contain a number of beneficial ingredients like Aloe Vera, vitamin E, vitamin D, shea butter, and keratin.


Moisturizes often contain synthetic chemicals and petroleum by-products which can be linked to health concerns and are bad for your skin.

Lotions are typically watered down oils and can allow for the growth of bacteria and be less effective.


Body Oil


Can be plant-based and super effective at keeping your skin hydrated and radiant without added ingredients.

Protect the skin’s lipid barrier and are great and preventing moisture vaporization.

Natural oils are easily absorbed, not greasy, and noncomedogenic—meaning they have a low potential to clog your pores so they’re great for all skin types.


Oils extracted with harmful chemical solvents or at high temperatures can be less helpful and harmful to your skin.

If your skin is already oily, an oil-based natural moisturizer may increase your likelihood of clogged pores and acne breakouts.

When it comes down to it, the best moisturizer for your skin is one that is all natural and that works best for you.

Skin Magic Tea

Traditionally my ingredients have been used to assist with: acne, cystic pimples, eczema, hormonal skin, uneven skin tone, assisting digestion

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