Kitchen Inspiration: Creative Storage Ideas

Transform your kitchen into your dream room with these three kitchen storage ideas.

November starts our kitchen inspiration blogs. Moving forward, every month we’ll share some of our favorite and creative ideas for the kitchen of your dream. After all, if you’re brewing tea in your kitchen, you want it to be the best room of the house. Today, we’re looking at creative and awesome kitchen storage ideas to keep your counters clear and spotless.


Utensil Storage

Too often we run out of drawer space for kitchen utensils, particularly for those large, unwieldy items. Instead of trying to stuff them all in a small drawer or keeping them on your counter, transform two drawers into a single utensil cabinet where you can keep utensils organized using individual metal cups. The drawer looks like any other cabinet from the outside but transforms into a handy one-stop-shop for all your cooking utensil needs.


Image courtesy of Kristin Havnaer.

Perfect Pantry

When it comes to kitchen storage, nothing is more important than your pantry. But if you don’t have a closet, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great pantry. If you have a nook in your kitchen, transform it into a large cabinet with plenty of drawers, shelves, and pullouts to hold anything and everything in its place. Use the door for your spice racks and place larger items inside on shelves or in baskets.


Image courtesy of Mylands.

Appliance Pullout

When it comes to those small kitchen appliances, it can be so difficult to find the right place to put them. Instead of stuffing your crock-pot, blender, and mixer under your largest cabinet and hoping for the best, make a special cabinet just to hold your appliances. Using pullout shelves, create a single tall cabinet next to your fridge or pantry and use it to hold those small kitchen appliances that you use most often and have no other room for.


Image courtesy of NEAT Method Michigan.

Do you have a favorite kitchen inspiration idea? Let us know and we could feature your design next month.



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