Ingredients to Combat Stress

Traditional Chinese herbal ingredients to combat stress.

From meditation to yoga, ice cream to exercise. There’s plenty we’re told to do to help us calm down, relax, and take the pressure off. But let’s look a little deeper into some ingredients used in Traditional Chinese Medicine that help us ‘stress less’.

Goji berries

Goji berries have also shown to help decrease stress and fatigue while increasing overall happiness and a sense of well-being. They’re also great for energy levels, and are filled with antioxidants, which means they help to fight the signs of ageing.

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Used to nourish the body, clear a foggy head and eliminate any excess heat that can make us irritable or feel anxious. The flowers also aid in soothing digestive issues and eliminating toxins. You may not realize that your gut health is directly linked to emotional health. We have thousands of receptors housed within our gut that regulate our emotional wellbeing.

Found in Happy Tea and Her Tea.

Yin Yang Huo

Assists in ‘unblocking’ the flow of nutrients and energy (Qi), when we’re stressed there becomes blockages along the meridians, causing stagnant Qi and blood.

Found in Sex Tea.

Happy Tea


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