How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

At Your Tea, we use tea bags for all of our special…

At Your Tea, we use tea bags for all of our special and delicious teas. However, we know that sometimes you just want a delicious pot of loose leaf tea. It may not be as easy to brew the perfect cup loose leaf tea every time, but it is possible. We’ve got the insight you need to brew your loose leaf tea deliciously and perfectly.


Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

1. Follow the directions on your package of tea. Typically it’s about one teaspoon of loose leaf tea per cup of tea you want to brew.

2. Place the loose leaf tea in a strainer. The best tea strainers are very roomy to allow the leaves to expand. You also want a fine mesh that keeps sediment out of your tea but allows the tea and water to mix easily. This premium tea strainer on Amazon could work for you.

3. Boil filtered or fresh water. Do not use hard water, as it will affect the taste of your tea. For white and green teas, the water should be almost boiling. For black and herbal tea, you need your water at a roaring boil.

4. Place the strainer in the water and steep. Steep times vary by tea and by taste preference. You need to figure out what works for you.

a.Black Tea: 3-4 minutes

b.Green Tea:2 – 3 minutes

c. White Tea:4 – 5 minutes

d.Herbal Tea: Up to 10 minutes, or as directed on package.

5. Pour steeped tea into your favorite mug. Once you’ve reached the taste you enjoy, remove the strainer and pour your tea from your pot into a mug. Don’t throw out the strainer of loose leaf tea until you’re sure it’s the right consistency.

Remember, loose leaf tea typically takes longer to steep than tea bags, so make sure you give your tea a little longer to develop. Second, the perfect pot of loose leaf tea requires a great strainer. You need one that is large enough to let the tea leaves expand and has the right mesh to get the job done.


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