Host the Perfect Kids Tea Party

Host a birthday party that your little girl will remember forever with out kids tea party ideas!

Does your daughter have a birthday coming up? If she does, it’s the perfect time to plan a tea party that she’ll always remember. Little girls love to feel like adults and a tea party-themed birthday is classic, fun, and adorable for a young girl of almost any age. To help you get started, we compiled a list of some of our favorite tea party ideas.



Tea Party Foods

You won’t find pizza and hamburgers at a tea party. Instead, you’ll find these adorable tea party snacks:

  • Finger Sandwiches: These small snacks can be made to appeal to any kids’ palette. Make some cucumber and cream cheese or tuna salad sandwiches, or opt for modern variations of peanut butter & jelly or ham and cheese.
  • Shaped Cookies: Heart shaped sugar cookies or even cookies cut to look like teapots are the perfect sweet.
  • Biscuits: No tea party is complete without biscuits and scones. Take a look at these easy recipes.


Tea Party Decorations

Part of what makes a tea party so fun is the decorations. You can make it classy and fun by embracing the pastel color theme and going wild. A few ideas are:

  • Twist together pink and lavender streamers and drape them from the ceilings.
  • Use teapots throughout every table as focal points filled with flowers.
  • Create chalkboard welcome signs for your front door and the entrance to your tea room.
  • Identify each of your guest’s seat with little tent cards customized with their name in calligraphy.
  • Use tea party personalized activity mats to call out the occasion and to keep the girls occupied.


Tea Party Games

The key to a great tea party birthday is fun games to play! We have a few favorites:

  • Teabag Toss: Set up a group of adorable tea cups on a table about five feet away. Ask each girl to stand behind a line and hand them five tea bags. They have to try and toss each bag into a tea cup. The girl who gets the most teabags in a cup wins a prize.
  • Musical Chairs: The traditional game of musical chairs is perfect for a tea party. Around the tea table, have the girls start walking in circles as the music plays. When the music stops, each girl has to rush to a chair and take a seat. After each round, remove a chair until there is only one girl left standing.
  • Teabag Search: Hide a few tea bags around the house and set the girls loose. The player who finds the most teabags wins!


Tea Cup – Cupcake Wrappers


Birthday cakes are so last year. It makes so much more sense to make individual cupcakes for all your party guests. It cuts out the concern about who gets the biggest slice of cake and allows the girls to pick out their favorite cupcake. To make your cupcakes fit the tea party theme, check out these ADORABLE cupcake wrappers from Marvelous Mommy.

The craft is fairly simple and only requires you to print out a free silhouette cut. There are just six simple pieces to each cupcake holder. Simply use card stock to cut out each of the pieces and then use super glue to put the entire thing together.


What’s your favorite tea party idea?

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