Health Benefits of Matcha Tea

Its beautiful green color, its full-flavor, and its incredible benefits. There are so many reasons to drink matcha tea!

Matcha tea is incredible. First of all, we love the beautiful green color—who wouldn’t? Second, it tastes amazing. The flavor is crisp and savory and doesn’t require sugar, milk, or lemon to make it drinkable. Third, matcha tea is even better for you than traditional green tea because you’re consuming the actual leaves. So what are all those incredible benefits?

High in Antioxidants

Just one bowl of matcha tea provides over 5 times as many antioxidants as any other food. In fact, it contains 6.2 times the antioxidants of goji berries, 7 times that of dark chocolate, 17 times that of wild blueberries, and 60.5 times that of spinach. That’s right, you can say goodbye to those free radicals with just a cup of matcha.

Boosts Weight Loss

Drinking matcha tea can improve both your resting metabolic rate and your fat burning rate. This means that just by drinking a cup of match tea you can burn 25% more fat during exercise!

Energy Enhancer

Matcha tea contains a healthy form of caffeine, different than what is found in coffee. This caffeine, known as theophylline, helps you keep your energy up without the inevitable crash. In fact, match tea slowly releases energy throughout the day.

Improves Memory

If you’re looking to improve your concentration and boost your energy, matcha tea is great. It increases the production of dopamine and serotonin, both great for helping your mind.

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Soothes and Calms

For centuries, the Chinese and Japanese have used matcha tea to relax and meditate. And it’s all thanks to L-Theanine, which helps relieve stress without drowsiness.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of matcha tea include:

  • Loaded with Catechins and EGCg—important cancer-fighting ingredients
  • Improves your immune system
  • Provides anti-aging properties
  • Lowers your blood pressure
  • Detoxifies your body

There are so many reasons to enjoy a cup of matcha tea today. And now you can get matcha tea from Your Tea! 


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