Halloween Safety Tips

Are you ready for a great night of trick-or-treating? Just make sure you follow our Halloween Safety Tips.

Halloween is fantastic. It’s especially wonderful for kids. What kid wouldn’t love a holiday that lets them dress up in fun costumes and get lots and lots of candy? Unfortunately, every year you hear how dangerous Halloween can be for kids. That’s why we have a few Halloween safety tips to make sure you have the best holiday possible.

  • Plan Your Route: Before you go trick-or-treating, map your walking route based on how long your kids can walk, your neighbors, and lighting. It will also help you avoid getting lost or heading down a street with little candy-action.
  • Wear Comfy Shoes: You and your kids should be wearing comfortable shoes. Even if your little girl is a princess, put her in comfortable flats so she can make it for a long walk, and so she avoids tripping.
  • Bring a Flashlight: Even if you have well-lit streets, bring an extra flashlight or three. It can help you signal to drivers and get you through dark patches on the road.
  • Keep Costumes Short: Dresses are adorable, and capes are fabulous, but make sure they hang an inch or two above the ground. When your kids get excited, you don’t want them running and tripping.
  • Avoid Masks: Your child might think a mask is cool at first, but it can make it difficult to breathe and get sweaty throughout the long night. Instead, try using face paint instead.
  • Use Flexible Props: Pirate swords and Jedi lightsabers are pretty neat, but they can cause a lot of damage when used to hit other kids. Instead, try to use props that are soft or flexible, so they’re less dangerous.
  • Check Candy: Don’t let your kids eat any candy until you get home. Then, make sure you check all of their candy and throw out anything that was open or looked tampered with.


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