Get the Optimal Tea Experience

Enjoy the optimal tea experience with every cup by following our seven tips for drinking and brewing Your Tea.

Do you want to get the most out of your next cup of tea? Learn what to add or subtract from your next teatime to get the optimal tea experience for taste and health!


  • Keep It Fresh: Over time, the oils in tea can break down, which affects the way it tastes. If you store Your Tea in a cool, dry place (use an airtight container), it can last up to two years, though it tastes best within 6 months.
  • Use Good Water: Since a cup of tea is mostly water, make sure you’re using spring or filtered tap water. Your water’s pH level as well as the chlorine content, minerals, and other compounds can change the taste of your tea.
  • Make It Hot: Just like the type of water you use affects your tea, so does the temperature. Black teas require boiling water to steep while green, white and oolong teas prefer a little cooler temps (170-180 degrees).
  • The Perfect Amount: More isn’t always better when it comes to tea. Stick to just a single bag of Your Tea per cup of water. However, if you want a stronger flavor, add more tea, not time.
  • Watch the Clock: If you over-steep your tea, it will taste pretty bitter as too many tannins are released. It’s still safe to drink, but it won’t be as delicious. If you’re looking for steep times, use it, the simplest Internet tea timer ever.
  • Avoid Milk: While you might enjoy adding milk to your tea, it can reduce the antioxidant capabilities of your tea and overall decrease the health benefits.
  • Add Lemon: Adding a squeeze of citrus to your tea can increase its antioxidant potential. Vitamin C helps your body absorb catechins; an antioxidant our body needs.


Your Tea

Your Tea

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