Gain Weight for a Flat Stomach

You can get the flat stomach you’ve always wanted if you gain some weight—muscle weight.

Wait! Did you read that title right? Can gaining weight get you a flat stomach? It can if you gain the right weight—muscle weight.

As women, we get too concerned with the scale, but the scale doesn’t reveal the entire truth. A woman who weighs 150-pounds could very well wear the same clothes as a woman who weighs 140-pounds—it all comes down to muscle. One pound of muscles takes up far less space than one pound of fat.

And the only way to get a flat stomach is to replace your fat with muscle. So where should you start?

  • Drink Man Tea two to three times daily as you workout to help gain lean muscle mass.
  • Add weight lifting to your gym routine. Stop only focusing on cardio. Start lifting weights for your arms, legs, and a flat stomach.
  • Lift heavier weights with fewer reps. There are two types of muscle growth myogenic and neurogenic. You want myogenic growth for a flat stomach because it will give you hard and strong muscles without making you big.
  • Make sure you stretch. If you want lean and long muscles, you need to stretch, so you don’t bulk up.

So, if you’re looking for that flat stomach, gain some muscle weight and watch as your metabolism increases, your inches decrease, and your confidence skyrockets.

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