Dos and Don’ts of Setting Health Goals

Stop setting health goals that you can’t and won’t meet. Instead, follow the dos and don’ts or goal setting and start getting healthy!

It’s a fact of life. Most New Year’s Resolutions are dropped soon after they’re made. And unfortunately, health goals are now different. Too often we state, “I’m going to eat healthier,” but then we don’t set a plan in place to make it happen. It’s time to take control of our lives and set health goals that we can actually achieve. Just follow our dos and don’ts of setting health goals.


Do Be Specific

When setting a health goal, outline exactly what you want to achieve. Don’t just say, “I want to lose weight.” How much weight do you want to lose and how exactly do you want to lose weight? Are you going to diet, eat healthy, workout more, count calories, etc?

Don’t Forget To Measure

We’re not talking about constantly taking out the tape measure or stepping on the scale, although those are types of measurement. We’re just talking about measuring and tracking your progress. If your goal is to lose weight, each week, track your progress with the scale. But you can also measure your results daily by checking off your workout, your diet, and the other pieces integral to your success. Here are 174,203 ways to measure your health without a scale.

Do Be Accountable

Don’t make a vague or specific goal and then forget to keep track of your work. Either write down your daily health plan and keep track of where you succeeded and failed. Or use an online food diary or app. An accountability partner is also incredibly helpful. Find a friend or family member who will text you daily or every few days to see how you’re doing. The 49 best fitness and health apps can be found here.

Don’t Be Unrealistic

Sticking to a health plan is all about setting realistic goals. If you plan to lose 100lbs in a month, you’re never going to reach your goal. Set a goal that makes sense for you, something that is difficult but possible to achieve. Don’t decide to run a marathon in one day, take it a step at a time. Need help setting realistic goals, this article has three questions you should ask yourself.

Do Set a Timeframe

When making health goals, an end date is key. Set a target and then give yourself the motivation to reach that target date. Lose 25lbs in 6 months instead of 25lbs, whenever you feel like it.

Don’t Expect Perfection

Some days you will fail to meet your health goals, and that’s okay. You can’t win at everything and perfection is unnecessary. Allow yourself to fail, but don’t give up when you fail. Instead, try again with the very next hour, day, or meal.

You can set realistic health goals for yourself that are possible to achieve. It’s all just a matter of asking yourself what you want and figuring out how you can get it.


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