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Why is the Your Soma Bar different to other bars?

Your Soma Bar is unlike any other higher protein snack bars on the market! You’ll often find snack bars and protein bars parading as a healthier option when in fact 50% or more of their ingredients aren’t even real food! Your Soma Bar Lean understands you want more from your snack bar. Free from artificial colours, flavours and GMO ingredients – their certified organic, gluten, lactose and cane sugar-free bar is packed with nourishing ingredients and nothing you cant pronounce!

Why is that important for optimal health?

Protein is an essential nutrient, but getting more in your diet shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on what else you put into your body. Artificial sweeteners, whey protein powders and fructose can be very challenging for your digestive system when consumed regularly. Digestive health is essential for maintaining overall health, which is why the Soma Bar comes out on top!

Low in fructose; gluten and lactose-free, and no artificial sweeteners – it’s the bar that really cares for your body! It’s also suitable for vegans and most people with digestive complaints such as IBS as it has no dairy, only top quality pea protein. Artificial sweeteners are also swapped for fructose free rice malt syrup and stevia, and it’s flavoured with anti-inflammatory spices including cinnamon and vanilla – brilliant post-workout! There really is nothing quite like it!



Larina Robinson

Larina Robinson

Larina Robinson, Accredited Dietitian, APD Founder of The Body Dietetics Website & Blog: Facebook: Instagram: larina_wholefood_dietitian
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