Dietician Kara Landau reviews YourSomaBar!

Kara Landau, BND (Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics), APD, AN, gives us her overview of our new high protein bar, “YourSomaBar; Lean”.


1) What is unique about the Your Soma Bar?

Your Soma Bar is one of the only bars to be completely plant based yet still provide an exceptional nutritional profile. I love that Your Soma Bar has selected to include pea protein over many of the alternative sources, making it just that little bit easier for us to get more plant based protein into our diets!


2) Why is Your Soma Bar different to other higher protein bars?

I love that it is completely plant based and that there are absolutely no artificial sweeteners in it. I think the Your Soma Bar really takes the natural approach to a whole new level. Many of the competitor high protein bars are either filled with GMO soy, artificial sweeteners, and in particular sugar alcohols, which can leave you feeling gaseous or bloated. The plant based alternative bars are also often much higher in sugar or total calories, and are far less dense in protein and fibre, making them a less favourable option when trying to manage your weight.


3) Why would you choose Your Soma Bar over other higher protein bars?

Many of the top selling protein bars still contain sucralose as a sweetener, I love that Your Soma Bar sticks with simple ingredients yet still packs a nutritional punch, without the addition of any of these unnatural sweeteners.


4) How does Your Soma Bar nutritionally assist someone on their health journey?

I believe Your Soma Bar fits in perfectly as a snack bar between meals, providing a nice mix of protein, fibre and healthy fats, as well as slow release carbohydrates to help keep your energy levels up and hunger levels at bay.


Kara Landau

Kara Landau

Kara Landau BND (Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics), APD, AN; MEI (Masters Entrepreneurship and Innovation) Founding Manager, Head Dietitian, Author and Media Spokesperson Corporate Nutrition Melbourne W: Blog: Facebook: Twitter:
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