Brew a Perfect English Breakfast Tea

If you’re ready for an authentic and perfect English Breakfast Tea, we’ve got the steps you need to follow.

Every morning is the perfect morning for an English breakfast. But when you want to brew an authentic cup of English Breakfast Tea, where do you start?



  • Pick Your Tea: First, you have to choose the right English Breakfast Tea made with black tea leaves. Our tea made with organic black tea handpicked in Sri Lanka is an excellent choice.
  • Boil the Water: Don’t use old water that’s been sitting in your teapot. Use fresh, filtered water and boil it to at least 200 degrees (F) or 93 degrees (C).
  • Prepare Your Tea: Place one teabag in your mug and, then, slowly pour boiling water over the teabag and stir briefly.
  • Wait: Let your tea steep for at one to two minutes for your cup. You want to make sure you get the full flavor. Then, remove the tea bag—never squeeze it.
  • Add Milk & Sugar: A real English Breakfast Tea comes complete with a little bit of low-fat milk and sugar. The perfect cup of tea should have a dark orange-brown look.
  • Enjoy: Now, head outside to your garden, sit back, and enjoy your cup of tea with the morning paper or a good book. That’s the life!


A robust favourite, I'm reliable as I am soothing the soul. To be enjoyed with a drop of milk or straight from the bag. High grade organic black tea handpicked from Sri Lanka. 25 pyramid teabags per box. Each Tea bag weighs 2.0g


Your Tea

Your Tea

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