“Being in the now” by Rochelle Fox

When was the last time you were fully present, in the here and now? If you’re like most people it may have been a while.


Life is busy, you’re busy and these days according to Forbes the average attentions span is between 2.5 seconds and 6.5 seconds, a little less than that of the average goldfish at 9 seconds. Scary stuff…

So you’ve made the choice (just like me) to embark on your tea detox and are looking to reboot and refresh your body, but what about your mind? Like your your tea detox and are looking to reboot and refresh your body, but what about your mind? Like your body your mind also desperately needs a reboot and refresh and during a tea detox is the PERFECT time to do it.  How do you ask? Well by learning a tea meditation and in turn cultivating mindfulness into your day.

Before I explain how to practice this tea meditation, here is the why.

Think about your smartphone for a minute.

At the end of a long day, you probably find that its battery is low and loads of apps are chewing data in the background. It’s desperately in need of a cache clearing and recharge.

Well, your mind is quite the same, all day every day you’re consciously and unconsciously running streams of thoughts (just like our phones run apps), but unlike our Phones we don’t take the time to shut them down and get back to baseline. I bet you can probably remember when you last charged your iPhone and cleared its cache, but when was the last time you did that for your mind? And no, sleeping doesn’t count, your dreams continue the onslaught of thoughts even when you’re not awake!

Incorporating a daily ritual of practicing mindfulness through this tea meditation will, therefore, bring you immense benefits such as:

– An increased appreciation for the present moment by reducing absent-mindedness

– Fewer thoughts equaling greater clarity

– Increased happiness through decreased negativity and overthinking

– A soothing sense of calm and piece

– Stronger will power

– Physical health improvements by reducing stress hormones

…the list goes on.

Now without further ado, here is the process:

  1. First things first, put your phone on airplane mode and close your laptop.

Turn off the TV and remove yourself from any other gadgets or people that will potentially distract you. I know this is hard, but just do it! Find your silent space.

  1. As you start your tea making process, be aware and fully present of ever single step/thing you do in order to make your cup of your tea. Focus on every step, from getting your tea out to boiling the water and pouring the tea. Whenever your mind wanders simply refocus on your original intention to be supremely present in the here and now.

While your tea is brewing, find a quite and comfortable place to sit.

  1. Take a seat, sitting upright and focus on your breath. Inhale & exhale and become aware of how your body feels. Closing your eyes can help your focus inward.

Are you breathing fast? Shallow? Deep? Make the awareness of your breath your only intention/thought. Make an effort to slow your breathing and relax your body and mind. Do you feel tense? If so imagine the tension leaving you body on ever exhale.

  1. Once your tea is brewed, give yourself 5 minutes to sit and drink your tea. This is your tea and your time all to yourself, so make the most of it. Focus your attention fully on your tea. Is it warm on your lips? Can you feel it tickling down your throat? What flavours & aromas can you sense? If you put honey in your tea, focus on it’s sweetness and appreciate it. Every sensual experience becomes so much more enhanced when you keep your attention focused on the sensation.
  1. Now widen your perception by taking notice of the thoughts that come up. There’s probably a lot of them (50k a day apparently). That’s okay, it’s most likely been a while since you really focused on the present moment and were mindful. Your mind is going to want to distract you from the present moment continuously and that’s okay, just observe your mind. Watch it with no judgement at all and notice that you are not actually your mind. Think about this for a moment, if you are watching your thoughts, then who is the one watching? When we do this, we can realize that we’re not actually just the thinker in our head, but also an observer. As the observer of your thoughts, make a conscious choice to disconnect from the distractions your mind is continually creating and instead base yourself completely in the present moment, focusing on your tea and we can all agree there is nothing stressful about tea! 😉
  1. Enjoy the silence, the taste sensation and the peace of just focusing on one thing.

This is your time. Do not let any of the sneaky little backdoor thoughts tell you otherwise. Everything you want and need to do will still be there in 5 minutes, it’s not going anywhere.

Once you’ve finished your tea, I like to take a moment to set an intention to stick to and be conscious of until my next tea break. Rather than some big crazy intention or lifegoal like “I’m giving up sugar forever” I use my tea meditations as small markers to keep me on track. Some examples are, say you’re looking to lose weight and detox your system, an intention after your tea meditation might be to make healthy choices between now and your next tea meditation, which should not be that long away. Or maybe your intention is to become more aware and observant of any negative thoughts to replace them with positive ones. Whatever the goal make your tea meditations your marker, so you can take baby steps towards big change.

Last but not least, enjoy how you feel after tea meditation and notice the difference it has on your mood and the flow of your day.

Remember, as you think, so shall you become.



Rochelle Fox

Rochelle Fox

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