Be good to your body and it will be good to you

Here at Your Tea, we are all about being kind to your body……

Here at Your Tea, we are all about being kind to your body… you only have one of them after all.

A great analogy for this is a car – if you put dirty petrol in it, the car will chug and splutter along and eventually break down.
Same goes for your body.
You need to fuel it properly. Food IS fuel for your body.
What you put in your body will determine exactly how it operates.
A body needs to be nourished with warm, nutritious foods that are soft on your digestive system and loaded with beneficial qualities.
Unfortunately, there is a huge surge in ‘fat free, sugar free, carb free etc etc’ foods in the super markets these days.
Hate to break it to you – but snap open bar claiming to be all of the above – and you may as well be eating cardboard.
Those foods hold NO nutritional value what so ever.
They do however, contain a bucket load of chemicals, additives and preservative… all of which create cellulite and toxins in your body. Yuck!
Moral of the story: be conscious of what you put in your body. 
All of our teas in the Your Tea range assist your body enormously.
There is no magic potion in this world that will fix your body concerns on its own without your help.
BUT – if you treat your body correctly – combine our teas and you will feel like a whole new person.
So are you ready to make your mind, body and soul as best as it can be?



Your Tea

Your Tea

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