Barnhem is the Swedish word for “home for children”. Founded in 2005…

Barnhem is the Swedish word for “home for children”.

Founded in 2005 as a result of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that hit South East Asia. Among other countries, Thailand was severely effected, with loss of life and property effecting holiday makers and locals. Beginning with an initial focus on tsunami victims – primarily children who had lost their parents in the tragedy; Barnhem has now grown into a home for all, since 2006 being run by Susanne Janson, Yaninee Saisrikoson and Hans Forssell.
Many of the children are housed with Barnhem because they lack a family member with the ability or strength to care for them, others have lost one, or both of their parents to varying circumstances. While children are the primary concern, Barnhem open their doors to single mothers, and grandmothers who are primary caregivers.

Grandmother and Grandchild at Barnhem

The goal is not to be a permanent solution for these desperate children, but to be a home for the time they are there, working with each to find the best solution for the individual case. Significant care and research go into each case before deemed necessary for the children to come to Barnhem; conducting home visits to ensure there isn’t a fit relative to care for the child. Aiming to provide the best future possible, in all cases.

Barnhem foundation regards all forms of abuse, (sexual, physical, emotional, exploitation or neglect) a violation of the child’s rights, protected by the UN’s Child Convention, and endeavours to protect all children from such abuse. Educating employees and volunteers around these sensitive issues assists with raising awareness.

Boys at Lunch

They’ve recently completed works updating facilities, finishing a large roof and new concrete floor for the play area; and rebuilding dormitories, with 16 rooms that each accommodates 3 children.

With the eldest at Barnham on his way to university and a former student currently studying multimedia at university, it’s fair to say they’re doing a pretty great job at helping the children, and the community.

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