Animals Australia is Australia’s leading animal protection organisation. Over the last 30…

Animals Australia is Australia’s leading animal protection organisation. Over the last 30 years, they have helped to shape animal welfare standards across the country, improving the lives of millions of animals.

With over 1.5 million individual supporters, Animals Australia, in conjunction with Animals International, have an unprecedented history investigating and exposing animal cruelty.

Their mission is this:

– to investigate, expose, and raise community awareness of animal cruelty.

– to provide animals with the strongest representation possible to Government and other decision makers.

– to educate, inspire, empower, and enlist the support of the community to prevent and prohibit animal cruelty.

– to strengthen the animal protection movement. 

As you may know, we’re lovers of animals here at Your Tea; so naturally, we stand with, and support organisations with such a high moral and ethical standpoint on Animal cruelty.

Glenys Oogjes, Executive Director, has over three decades experience in animal welfare, beginning at a Victorian dairy farm. Her studies in Behavioural Science then led her to campaigning for animal welfare and rights on government and community agendas. Working to achieve greater protection for animals through her work on various committees, and providing animal welfare advice to the federal and state Agriculture Ministers.

Lyn White, Director and Chief Investigator of Animals Australia, was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia, for her unique contribution to the field of animal protection. After a 20 year career in the police force, she was shocked to learn that fundamental rights weren’t extended to the most vulnerable members of society. Lynn is well known for orchestrating groundbreaking investigations.

These two women and their team make a notable, well respected group fighting for animals rights, and we commend them on their work.
At the forefront of exposing the live export trade. Animals Australia exposed the cruelty imposed on the animals, resulting in the suspension of live export to Egypt (2006), then Indonesia (2011). Through Animals Australia investigations, the government has initiated a system of regulation (ESCAS) where animals are fully traceable for the entirety of the supply chain and are to be handled and slaughtered, in agreement with OIE guidelines. While this is far from a solution, ESCAS at least covers some basic welfare.

Indonesian bound cattle leaving broome

An Animals Australia investigation into factory farming of pigs sparked the pig industry agreeing to prevent the use of pregnant sow stalls. Legally allowed to be kept in metal and concrete crates just 1cm longer and wider than their bodies, for the entire duration of their pregnancy. While this method is either banned or being phased out in the UK, Sweden, Finland, Holland, and six states of the USA; in Australia it is allowed until 2017. Archaic.

An investigation into ‘live-baiting’ in Australia’s greyhound racing industry led to a government crackdown, resulting in dozens of trainers charged and jailed. Not only the bait animals; piglets, rabbits, native possums; see an unlawful death, some 18,000 greyhounds are killed every year because they aren’t deemed fast enough to win races. This is not ok.

live baiting rabbits caged
With a host of other active investigations and campaigns, the team at Animals Australia are doing a stellar job fighting the cause for animal cruelty.

With Love,

Your Tea Charitea program.


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