4 Ancient Chinese Tips for a Long Life-Part 1

If you want a long life, follow these four ancient Chinese tips and tune in to our next Healthy Tips blog for four more tips.

Since the Chinese New Year is right around the corner, we’re a little obsessed with Chinese culture. Since the beginning of time, or so it seems, people have sought after the dream of immortality and the Chinese culture is no different. Plus, they’ve had thousands of years of practice. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, these eight tips are vital for a long life.


  1. Comb Your Head 3 Times Daily: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the head is the center of your intelligence—it has more than a dozen unique acupressure points and forty-plus acupuncture points. So, if you want a long life, use a comb to apply an “acupuncture-like” massage to these points three times a day—once in the morning, once after lunch, and once before bed. Use 60-100 strokes for the best results.
  2. Rub Your Feet: The foot has more than 60 acupuncture points, and the health of the foot is believed to be closely related to the health of the human body as a whole. To maintain your health and a long life, rub the center of your arch each day, particularly after soaking your feet in hot water.
  3. Swallow Saliva: This might seem weird, but Chinese medicine believes that your saliva, in conjunction with your spleen, can replenish energy and clear the mind. American scientists have discovered similar information showing that swallowing saliva 300 times a day can dissolve bacteria, combat viruses, aid in digestion, and more.
  4. Click Your Teeth: Clicking your teeth means rhythmically tapping your upper and lower teeth together. An ancient Chinese text suggests that bone marrow is the origin of the essence of the human body. If it diminishes, your teeth will fall out. Tapping your teeth improves chewing, saliva excretion, blood circulation in the mouth, and more. In the end, you’ll be left with robust, white, and shining teeth.

Check out our next Healthy Tips blog for four more Ancient Chinese tips for a long life.


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