8 Healthy Tips to Stay Well While Traveling

Don’t ruin your vacation by getting sick. Instead, follow our 8 healthy tips for traveling.

If you’ve ever stepped foot on a plane, you know it’s a germ machine. There are too many people packed into too small of a space. Traveling can quickly become a nightmare of sickness unless you follow our handy healthy tips for travel.

  1. Boost Your Immunity: Don’t get on a plane or get ready for vacation without first boosting your immunity. Drink some Antioxidant Tea or take other supplements to prevent the cold and flu.
  2. Pack Healthy Items: In your carry-on luggage pack hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, a coat or sweater, a travel pillow, nasal spray, and bandages.
  3. Stock Healthy Snacks: Instead of eating terrible airport food, our healthy tip is to bring your own muesli bars, nuts, yogurt, and other healthy snacks. Try these 10 healthy airplane approved snacks.
  4. Avoid Contacts: Contact lenses can dry out your eyes and make you vulnerable to microbial invaders. Choose glasses instead.
  5. Keep Your Distance: When possible, don’t sit or stand directly next to someone who is coughing, sneezing, or who looks sick.
  6. Wear Socks: At airport security you’re going to have to take off your shoes, plan ahead and wear socks so your bare feet don’t touch the germ-infested floor.
  7. Drink Water: Before boarding your flight, buy a bottle of water, or two, to make sure you stay hydrated while you’re in the air.
  8. Choose the Window: In a 2008 study, people who sit in aisle seats were shown to be far more vulnerable to sickness because passengers walking down the aisle have dirty hands from the restroom.

Traveling is a blast, but it can also make you sick as a dog. Protect yourself with our healthy travel tips and enjoy your vacation!

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