7 Tips for Gorgeous Nails

It’s about time you had the gorgeous nails you’ve always wanted. We have 7 tips to help you out.

Our hands are, sometimes, the first things that people see. That means they need to be well taken care of. Just like you get your haircut every few weeks, and you follow a daily skincare regimen, you need to take care of your nails, and we’re not talking about visiting the salon. A well-balanced diet and beauty routine can give you gorgeous nails. Check out our seven tips.


  1. Cleanse: Just like with your skin, your nail health starts on the inside. Get your body into shape by performing a 14-day Liver Cleanse. It will maximize your body’s health so you can maximize your nails.
  2. Moisturize: Rubbing lotion or oil onto your hands a few times a day will keep your nails sparkly and smooth. Try coconut oil.
  3. Cuticle Care: Your cuticles serve as a barrier to bacteria and infections. Take great care of them by avoiding tripping, and dabbing them with almond oil before pushing them back.
  4. Take Biotin: Biotin is a member of the vitamin B family and can help increase you nail thickness and prevent breakage. Taking a daily biotin supplement has been proven to give you gorgeous nails.
  5. Limit Manicures: You might love the look of your nails after a professional manicure, but the chemicals and harsh ingredients destroy your healthy nails.
  6. Eat Right: Diet is crucial to nail health. Make sure you consume enough omega-3 fatty acids along with vitamin B, zinc, iron, and calcium.
  7. Use the Right Products: If you decide to use nail polish instead of buffing, make sure you choose a low-chemical polish. Also, choose a good acetone-free remover.
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