6 Ways to Use Technology Less

Let’s be brutal for a moment. Technology has taken over most of…

Let’s be brutal for a moment. Technology has taken over most of our lives. From the moment we wake up in the morning, we tend to grab our phones and stay addicted all day long. It’s not a good thing. Let’s get back to enjoying the beauty of the world with our own eyes and not from behind the screens of technology. We’ve got the tips you need to use technology less.


  • Make Deliberate Choices: You have to choose, every second of every day, to use technology less. It’s not something that just happens. When you wake up in the morning, make the deliberate choice not to look at your phone first. Instead, talk to your partner or spend time in nature or with your pets or kids.
  • Set Aside Tech-Free Time: Every single day, set aside, at least, 30-minutes, preferably an hour, where you are completely technology free. Turn off your phone, shut down your computer, hide your tablet, and turn off your TV. Make your technology free time the same time each day so you never forget.
  • Spread the Word: Once you’ve decided to use technology less, tell your friends and family. Ask their help to cut back and tell them when you’re going tech free, so they don’t call you. Having support can make a huge difference.
  • Make New Tech-Free Rules: If your entire house is tech-prone, make some tech-free rules. Start with the dinner table first. Make a rule that whenever you sit down at the table, you can’t have any technology with you. Instead, focus on conversation and fun.
  • Turn Off Social Media: A lot of us get so caught up in technology because we spend half our time using social media. Stop talking and checking up with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Instead, call them and set up an in-person date. Then, choose not to use social media on the weekends, or only three days a week.
  • Reward Good Behavior: It’s not going to be easy getting rid of your obsession with technology, so every time you use technology less, give yourself a reward. Let yourself buy that dress you’ve been eyeing or treat yourself to a new tea.


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