6 All-Natural Tips for Gorgeous Skin

Every woman wants and deserves gorgeous skin. Get one step closer with these six all-natural tips.

We all want glowing, gorgeous skin. While it’s not always possible, it doesn’t have to be impossible either. You can have smooth, radiant skin by following a few easy tips.

  1. Avoid Heavy Cleansers: Women have a tendency to clean their face too much. They want to scrub with harsh chemicals until all the imperfections disappear, but that’s not how it works. Use gentle non-detergent cleansers that are derived from natural ingredients. TeaFace is a great example of a go-to natural cleanser.
  2. Stop Over-Washing: You don’t need to wash your face two or three times a day. In fact, for many women washing your face once in the evening is more than sufficient. Then, in the morning, just splash your face with warm water to get that gorgeous skin you’ve been waiting for.
  3. Apply Sunscreen: You might love a golden tan, but the sun can cause aging and other skin issues. Sunscreen only lasts for a few hours as well, so you need to consider reapplying it throughout the day for full protection.
  4. Choose Fragrance-Free: Whether it’s your lotion, cleanser, sunscreen, or makeup, choose fragrance-free varieties. Added fragrance can be a common cause of skin issues.
  5. Eat Healthy: That’s right. We’ve talked about it before, but your digestive system has a large impact on your interior and exterior. High omega-3 and antioxidant-rich food help to fight free radicals and hydrate your skin. Skin Magic Tea can also be included in this routine to give you gorgeous skin.
  6. Work Out: Raising your heart rate, once a day, makes your skin glow because exercise improves your circulation and oxygen flow. Sweat also helps open your pores and remove toxins.


Do you have any personal tips for glowing, gorgeous skin? Share them with us in the comments below. We could feature your idea on a latter blog!

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