5 Poses for a Desk Yoga Workout

Don’t let the office be an excuse not to be healthy. Workout at work with our easy yoga workout at your desk.

We all know how bad it is to sit at our desks all day. It’s unhealthy, and we have to stop doing it. If you’re unable to get a standup desk, we’ve got a great idea! Try out our desk yoga workout and get in your daily burn while at the office. And we promise, the moves won’t freak out your coworkers too badly.


  • Seated Backbend: Sitting in your desk chair, take a deep breath and reach your arms all the way up to the ceiling. Open them wide, even spreading your fingers. Then, as you exhale, let your gaze slowly draw behind you and bend your upper back and chest. Hold this pose for a few seconds, release, and move your arms back down to your sides. Repeat a few times.
  • Seated Twist: Still sitting in your chair, hold your spine tall and straight. Then inhale and on the exhale twist to one side from the bottom of your spine and grab your armrest. Breathe in that position for a few seconds and then do the other side.
  • Desk Shoulder Opener: Scoot your chair back and stand a few feet from your desk so that you hands can just touch the edge. Place your hands on the desk and bend from your waist. Drop your head between your arms to give a good shoulder stretch.
  • Desk Upward Dog: From the same position as the Shoulder Opener, rest your hands on the edge of your desk. Then, slowly lean forward with your arms straight and lower your hips toward the desk. Refrain from sinking in the lower back. Stretch your chest between your shoulders and gently tilt your chin upward while sliding the shoulder blades down the back. Hold for five to ten breaths.
  • Forward Fold: From the same position as the Upward Dog, let your hands drop from the desk and instead reach toward the floor. Continue bending from the waist until your arms reach the ground and keep your knees soft. Hold this pose for at least 20 seconds and sway from side-to-side.


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