5 Keys to Pregnancy Health

Being pregnant is wonderful but it’s not always easy. If you’re looking for keys to pregnancy health, look no further.

The feeling of life growing inside of you is an incredible thing. There’s nothing quite like being pregnant to transform all your ideas about the world. The one thing that’s not as easy about carrying a child, your pregnancy health.

There are cravings, “I’d like a bucket of ice cream and a pickle, please.” There’s the endless feeling of exhaustion, “Please just let me sleep for the next six months. Thanks.” Not to mention the fact that your body is going through an incredible change, “No, I don’t mind walking around with a beach ball that constantly kicks my bladder and makes me waddle.” But, it’s still worth it.

To help you on your way to pregnancy health, there are quite a few, easy things that you can do.


Drink Tea

Not all tea is made the same, but our Fertility Tea is perfectly safe and delicious to consume while pregnant. Fertility Tea, in particular, promotes pregnancy health by supporting your reproductive system while it’s under an immense amount of pressure. And in general, tea is a great option for women who don’t want to drink plain water but need to stay hydrated. Tea also contains polyphenols to protect your heart and antioxidants to boost your immune system.

Eat Carefully

No, we would never tell you to ignore your craving for pickles and sardines; a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do. However, just because you’re eating for two, doesn’t mean you need to consume 4,000 calories a day. In fact, you only need 300 additional calories a day when you’re pregnant.

Exercise Regularly

Guess what, you don’t have to stop working out just because you’re pregnant. Instead, to keep up your pregnancy health you should be exercising on a regular basis. Remember, exercise helps reduce stress, increase blood flow, and promote overall body health. Pregnant women who exercise also tend to have less back pain, more energy, a better body image, and a quicker return to pre-pregnancy weight and fitness. Need a routine, check out these five pregnancy exercises for every trimester.


You can’t do it all. You just can’t. When you’re pregnant, sometimes you’re going to have to say “No” to that extra work project, cleaning the house, and going out with your friends. Your body needs a lot of rest, particularly in your third trimester. If you can’t swing a nap in the middle of the day, at least take a little break, put your feet up, and breathe.

Take Your Vitamins

Get on your prenatal vitamin regimen as soon as possible. You can actually start taking prenatal vitamins while trying to get pregnant. Vitamins like folic acid, calcium, and iron help your baby develop a healthy brain, spinal chord, and everything else.

Remember, when it comes to pregnancy health, it’s all about your health. The healthier your body, the healthier your baby will be. And it’s not all about physical health. Your emotional health is just as important so don’t forget to love yourself and take a pamper day.

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