5 Ideas to Stop Binge Eating

Binge eating is a serious disorder. If you’re ready to break the cycle, we’ve compiled five ideas to help you stop binge eating for good.

The binge eating cycle and other eating disorders can be beyond difficult to break. When you’re binging, you’re out of control. It’s not so much about the amount of food you eat, but what it feels like when you eat it. Is the food in control after the first bite, or can you stop? It’s a vicious cycle to try and break, but it is possible.

To stop binge eating, it’s important to talk to a doctor or nutrition expert who can help. It’s a serious psychological disorder that can have far deeper roots than simple food cravings. If you’re not ready to see a doctor, or you want to try to stop binge eating on your own, we’ve compiled five ways to cope.

This is not medical advice, but an article to help you get on the right path.


Stay Occupied

For some individuals, binge eating is a result of boredom or fixating on food. If you can keep you mind away from food and concentrate on other activities such as reading a book, completing a crossword puzzle, watching TV, or leaving the house, you’re less likely to be stuck on food. Whenever you feel the need to start eating, unless you know you’re hungry, try to do something else first, to get your mind focused on something else.

Eat Well

Binge eating can be a result of starving yourself all day long. If you’re dieting and starving yourself all day long, you’re far more likely to binge eat at night. To stop binge eating, try eating a sensible breakfast and lunch, and then make yourself a sensible dinner. If you’ve fed your body all day, you’ll be less likely to raid the fridge and pantry and keep eating until it’s empty. Get on the Your Tea Eating Plan and make sure you’re eating enough food.

Forgive Yourself

Eating disorders are not pretty, but they’re also not something you should feel guilty for. You didn’t start binging overnight, and you won’t stop binging overnight either. It takes time to start new habits and to get to a better place. Each small step you make to stop binge eating should be celebrated, and if you ever make a slip-up, forgive yourself. Changing your behavior will require you to pick yourself up over and over again. Give yourself the grace to make mistakes and try again.

Stop When You’re Ahead

Let’s say you stopped at the mall and you bought a five-pound box of chocolates, and you’re already through half the box in one sitting. Stop right there. Don’t allow the feeling that since you’ve already messed up that you might as well fail completely to enter your mind. Instead, take the other half of the chocolates and throw it out in the outside trash. One mistake doesn’t equal a lifetime of mistakes.

Ask for Help

Binge eating is serious, and you should not go through it alone. Talk to a friend, family member, or professional to help you stop binge eating. Women almost always binge alone. By asking someone to support you during your struggle to break the cycle, you can give yourself the extra boost you need to change your life.

Binge eating isn’t simple, and it isn’t going to change overnight, but if you stick with it, and keep trying, you can stop binge eating and live a healthier life.

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